Top 10 Fixed Gear Bikes

The best fixed gear bikes on the market for 2013/2014 based on quality and reputation, relative to the price tag. Since all of these bikes vary in price and style, it's ultimately up to you to decide which one makes the top of your list. If you're more interested in a specific fixed gear ranking, check out the category winners.

1. Specialized Langster Pro ($1600)

The flat-out fastest—and definitely the sexiest—bike on the track, the Langster Pro features E5 alloy aero tubing, and AXIS 4.0 Track wheelset for raw, wind-cheating power, and a two-sided, flip/flop hub for simple versatility. The understated style, experience-specific geometries, and attention to quality and detail guaranteed by Specialized make the Langster Pro the clear top choice for shredding through city streets, racing in the velodrome, or putting miles in on the road.

2. Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni($999)

The Pista Sei Giorni is the lighter and faster model in the legendary Italian Fixed Gear family. An Alloy frame with a Carbon fork raises the bar for competition and transportation backed by more than 125 years of Bianchi quality.

3. Jamis Sonik ($929)

Built for the track, but perfect for city commutes or long distance training with its light-weight, agile frame. Equipped with aluminum track frame with aero down tube, Carbon Aero Track fork, and aerofoil radius bent seat tube, the Sonik gives any rider the explosive power sprinting and aero efficiency needed on the track or the streets.

Specs and Purchasing

4. Cinelli Mash SF Histogram ($2170)

A collaboration of track heritage and city riding innovation that features a front sloping geometry for fast, reactive riding in and around town. This new geometry plays to the preferences of particular riders suited to aggressive turns and fast switchbacks needed to survive in a fast-paced city environment.

5. Fuji Track 1.1 ($1300)

The Fuji Track 1.1 has a stiff and responsive frame with a superb quality components. The latest version of this bike is equipped with extreme oversized tubing and aerodynamic seat mast. This development offers riding an incredibly aerodynamic frame that is like no other available at this price point.

Specs and Purchasing

6. Bianchi Pista ($769)

The frame that launched a thousand fixies, and still the standard for fixed gear bikes past and present. While not as light or fast as the more track-oriented Sei Giorni, this year's model reminds us of classic Bianchi quality and design that still proves to be timeless as ever.

7. Felt TK3 ($899)

This track-specific Superlite aluminum frame is butted and shaped to withstand the rigors of track racing. Lightning-quick acceleration and maximum torsional stiffness make it competition-ready. Deep section TKR-4 wheels and sturdy, lightweight components give you all you need in the race against the clock.

8. Leader 725 SS ($1249)

Leader Bikes is taking on 2013 with an introduction of an extensive and unique series of high quality complete bikes. The Urban Performance Series is a line of complete bikes, which adopts the form of a fixed gear with the ease of use of a single speed.

Specs and Purchasing

9. Specialized Langster ($640)

With a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, and an A1 Premium Aluminum frame designed for raw speed, the Langster can tear up the track or scream through the city; with a two-sided, flip/flop hub for easy gearing change. Specialized has done it again.

10. IRO Mark V ($549)
Starting with a quality IRO heat treated Cro-Mo steel frame, the Mark V is customizable  down to the cog size and seat post color.

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